Episode 04 Matt Burke


As promised and ahead of schedule, here is episode four of the Bosworth Attic Cast. While performing at the annual Chicago Roots Collective festival, I was fortunate enough to meet the very talented Matt Burke. In our brief conversation, he was kind enough to agree to join me as a guest in the attic for episode four. I had a really great time talking music with him, and I got a lot out of the interview as I hope you will also. My favorite section is where we talk about when and where inspiration strikes, and what to do when it does. Presented in the cast are Matt’s original tunes School and End of Time, as well as my own original, The 65. As always, I hope you enjoy listening to the episode, as much as I enjoyed recording it.


The Episode:
B.A.C. Matt Burke


And the music!


End of Time

and my own tune!
The 65

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